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KPI Credit Service can identify the information that is negatively impacting your credit, assist you in updating or removing information that is found to be noncompliant with consumer protection laws governed by the FTC.

  • Audit Credit Reports      
  • Identify Negative Information
  • Validation & Dispute Process

KPI Credit Service will assist you on ways to obtain positive reporting to increase your credit scores.

  • Remove & Improve Negative Accounts         
  • Establish New Positive Accounts
  • Education – How to Maintain Good Credit

For those who have never established credit, KPI Credit Service will educate you on credit, advise, and assist you on establishing, building, and maintaining good credit.

  • Credit Education              
  • Credit Establishment Plan
  • Plan to Build & Maintain

KPI Credit Service will give you tips on how to increase your monetary value.

  • Pay Yourself First
  • Modify Your Spending
  • Find Strategies to Pay Less

Here's A Few Things Every Consumer Should Know!

At least 1 in 5 people have errors on their credit report and most times they don’t even know it.

This is a violation of the consumer protection laws. It could be affecting your approval, and your out of pocket expenses because your score may be lower than what it should be.

We specialize in identifying errors, and use the FCRA Law to have inaccurate information corrected or removed from all 3 major credit reporting agencies which typically could result in an increase of your credit score and a better chance of approval.

The lower your credit score the less chance you have of being approved, and the higher your interest rate will be if you are approved. (This is called Subprime Lending AKA Non-Prime Lending)

This could be costing you thousands of dollars and preventing you from making ends meet.

We help find and advise you on ways to increase your credit scores in addition to correcting errors to prevent you paying high loan service charges.

Most people don’t know how to respond to debt collectors.

This can and will do you more harm than good.

We will help and advise you on ways the law has set for you to deal with debt collectors that will help you and not hurt you.

What Are Your Goals?

  • Buy a Home
  • Purchase an Auto
  • Lower Payments
  • Rent an Apartment
  • Start a Business
  • Save Money

With our service and your dedication you can achieve your goals.

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